Having established in 1980, Hotel Sree Vasudev is appropriately titled commemorating the founder-owner.

Loyal Customers who come to Vijayawada for any work invariably said to be successful, if they stay at Hotel Vasudev.

On a lighter note, people say that Hotel Sree vasudev is, furthermore, an acronym for Hotel of Sentiments & Values.

Including the Hotel Sree Vasudev, the whole Management of Modern Café Group of Hotels is known for its authenticity and moral practices.

Procedures followed at the hotel from the inception are straightforward and unambiguous in nature. 

For example: Let us consider the Billing process. It is quite intelligible; Tariff is inclusive of taxes, no extra or hidden cost whatsoever. Laundry, Food & outward payments are paid directly to the vendor, once collected from Customers.

The journey of Modern Café began in 1938 in the leadership of Late Sri H T Vasudeva Rao, at a 175 sq ft Udupi Tea Stall in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. They boasted five hotels with 275 rooms & 200 pax Udupi Vegetarian restaurants. 

The Management always anticipated that the earnest wishes of every guest, who visits the hotel, must be fulfilled and they should return to their hometown propitiously.

Right from 1938, the Hotel Management has been following dynamic and cumulative values namely, the hotel should serve as a hub for Civil Services and the Customer being an integral part of it.

The bonding between the guests who visited the hotel for evocative reasons and the management became stronger, and it was quite similar to that of Alumni with an Educational institution.

For some of them, it was a common ground to exchange or debate their concepts, beliefs, and reminiscences without any bounds.

Thus, the “Pals of Modern Café” were constituted as a result of the nexus between the unfamiliar people. This Budget hotel near Vijayawada Railway station is not only pocket-friendly but also boasts the modern amenities every visitor anticipates to have.

Every customer who resides in the hotel should successfully accomplish the purpose of his visit

Every customer who resides in the hotel should flourish and achieve their endeavours victoriously

The hotel should be a centre for community service involving their customers

Such forward thinking and progressive values are a part of the group’s unique hotel management style right from 1938. This has made most of the group hotels as a memorable institution or alma mater with alumni, who once in a while visit the place for nostalgic reasons. For few others, it is a daily meeting point where thoughts, ideas and memories are exchanged, discussed and debated with liberty. Unknown people connect to each other and become the “Friends of Modern Café”